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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Are we insured?
    Yes we are! We are an insured handyman service.
  • Can I insert an image or video for my quote?
    At the moment you can only insert photos for the project.
  • How do we accept payments?
    We accept all forms of payment except checks, cash app, paypal and venmo.
  • Pick up and delivery services
    We provide delivery services, allows you to request a driver to transport your package(s) to a person waiting at a designated drop-off location. fee start at $20 per drop off. What does the recipient need to do? The package recipient should be available to meet the driver at the door or curb. If you need to ask the driver to leave the package at the recipient’s door, you’ll be able to add delivery notes with further instructions to smooth the delivery process. You can also request a package to be sent to you from a designated sender.We will delivery items to your front door. We are not responsible for any damage or theft for items being delivered. To ensure your delivery is being delivered we will require a photo of the package before arrival and once it's delivered. Packages sent using more handy co have specific monetary value limits and weight limits per vehicle type. Prohibited items include but are not limited to alcohol, medication, recreational drugs, and dangerous or illegal items.² For delivery by vehicle, you can send packages that: Don't contain any prohibited items² Fit comfortably in the trunk of a midsize vehicle Are closed, securely sealed, and ready for curbside or door pickup Are within the monetary value and weight limits for your location¹ If your package contains a prohibited item or doesn't follow the restrictions above, the driver may cancel your request. We do not maintain insurance coverage for package loss, theft, or damage caused by a third party. Drivers are free to cancel your request for any reason, including, for example, if your package was too heavy, too large for their vehicle, not packaged securely, or contained a prohibited item. If the person receiving the package wasn't available, the driver may try to contact you in the recipient to resolve the issue or coordinate a return. You'll be responsible for costs associated with returning the package to you if necessary. For help coordinating a delivery in case of terminated trips or canceled requests, if you haven’t yet received your package, or if the package was damaged during delivery.
  • Will you travel outside of the Little Rock area?
    Yes. Depending on the projects, we will travel. All projects outside of the Little Rock area will have a travel fee.

Billing & Pricing

Find The Best Package For Your Budget

Payments Accepted

We accept all forms of payment except checks, cash app, paypal and venmo.

Terms & Conditions Policy

We will require a non-refundable assessment fee. Prices may vary upon each project.  A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. All services can reschedule within 24 hours before the projects starts. All cancellations after 24 hours non refundable.

We are not responsible for the materials for the project. All materials are provided by the client. 

We are  not responsible for any damage , theft, or injury of the clients property and/or parties.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offers a 100% workmanship satisfaction guarantee on every job. If my work does not meet standard methods of workmanship, I will correct workmanship to your satisfaction. All requests made under this guarantee must be made within 30 days of the completed home repairs. I must be notified in writing and be allowed to solve the problem in house within a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee material, if a material defect is discovered after the materials are installed; I will direct you to the manufacture for warranty claims.

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